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There’s not really a more jarring travel experience than spending two weeks getting used to being in Japan and then going immediately to Nigeria.

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I love how the girls of my generation typically choose to call their own shots.

Guys seem to always expect us to get overly attached and emotional (which is a little conceited of them to be honest) after spending a night together.

Yes, college dating is far from romantic, but it is also far from degrading.

It revolves around embracing independence and freedom of choice, which to me will always be far more important than feeling the pressure to settle down before you even really know who you are.

We go after what we want, and when we are done, we move on.

Obviously, it can get complicated when you find yourself developing feelings for someone that was supposed to be a one night stand, especially since it's the unwritten rule that college dating is a game of who can care the least (or at least pretend to).

However, it seems that most of us find ourselves saying “it’s complicated” when discussing our so called love lives (can we even really label it as a love life? While our relationship problems vary, they seem to be something all girls can find common ground on.

What makes these people assume that we are looking for a serious, committed relationship? Yes, it's hard to think of what to tell grandma when asked whether you’ve found a good boy yet (does that guy you shacked with last Thursday count? Or when your parents ask if you have been taken on any dates, you have to wonder if you should mention the guy that took you to Pluckers at 3 am after you only drunkenly met hours earlier. Casual sex is no longer a shushed subject; in fact it is often embraced by girls texting each other phrases like, “shack shirt or it didn’t happen.” However, our generation of girls should not be frowned upon by a more conservative society because we choose to pursue who and what we want.

Just because you shack with one guy, doesn’t mean you will shack with every guy.

In that case, all a girl can do is just be herself and hope that things follow through, but we should never try to force a connection because we are scared of ending up alone.

Ultimately, college dating is not about landing a husband, and it truly shouldn’t be.