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Since Ok Cupid markets itself as “the best free dating site on Earth,” it certainly has a reputation to live up to.

Thankfully, with over one million users installing their app every week and the number of users currently on the site constantly growing, it definitely seems to walk the walk.

When it comes to dating, this generation of college students is writing its own rules, and often deleting them as quickly as they are written.

Bulldozed by social media, buffeted by changing attitudes, today’s dating landscape can be a baffling place, and BU is in some ways more confusing than most.

This way, you two can talk about all of those topics while you’re splitting an order of chips and guacamole.

Curiously, the survey shows that the generation that studies, plays, and meets online has the best luck meeting love interests the old-fashioned way: through friends, around campus, in classes, and at parties. Looks are less important than personality, a group date is not a real date, and online dating sites are creepy.College, it turns out, also happens to be a wake-up call: 48.4 percent of female respondents say their love life has been disappointing.You might be totally done with all of the guys on your own campus, so this is an easy way to interact with guys at other campuses that are geographically close to yours.Another common issue you might have is that there are very few or even zero guys in your academic department, so if you want to still stick to your own campus, you can check out other potential matches in other departments.The preferred method of asking or being asked out is in person, by a wide margin.