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The guitars Fujigen made were distributing with GRECO Brand as super real series.

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This deeply held belief, without even being aware of it, is actually hindering our ability to attract and keep our dream partner.

It could have come from our parents’ relationship, family conflict or our own past.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you blame other guys for things your husband did. Do you wonder why the same recurring behavior is being replayed over and over again with different partners?

Embrace Your True Self So what does it take to move the dating pendulum from casual to a more long-term relationship? Believe You Are Lovable All of us desire to be seen, loved, and live harmoniously with a significant other but few of us believe we can.Once you and the person you’re dating feel ready to move forward, take the lead and invite him or her to define the space of your relationship.If your partner is not ready, he or she may be dealing with his or her own emotional triggers that you have to respect and accept.Create a profile or simply sync your Facebook and our site will auto-populate your information.Then begin sharing your thoughts, connecting with others in our unique conscious community; potentially finding someone special!Rather than focusing on whether someone is physically attractive, you will be able to identify the patterns of behavior you want, and do not want, in a partner. Be Authentic with your Stance Integrity starts with you.