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As director of Women2Win my mission is to get more women into politics.

In the original series, he very consciously wanted Kirk to represent John F. The stories worked best when Kirk stood for willful impulse; Spock for aristocratic reason; and Bones for democratic passions.

It is great to catch up with the friends I made as the Conservative candidate in Rhondda; reliving happy memories of canvassing in the rain, followed by long lunches drying off.

Those few weeks together with a common purpose formed a bond between us.

is a modern allegory and mythology for late Western Civilization. Throughout much of my childhood, my closest friend (and hero) was my brother, Todd, five years older. That movie, which revolved around an exhausted Captain Christopher Pike (played by Jeffrey Hunter of , the only major character to carry over from the 1964 version to the 1966 version was Leonard Nimoy’s diabolic-appearing Vulcan, Mr.

The series worked best when Captain Kirk stood for willful impulse; Mr. Not only did he first make me aware of a larger world (we used to stare at our globe, and he would quiz me about the continents, the oceans, etc.), but we also bonded over our love of all things in and out of our immediate solar system. In the mid-1970s, amazingly enough, our local, central Kansas PBS station would air the original episodes of (1966-1969) early, every Saturday morning, commercial-free. Spock (according to naval tradition, “Mister” is a common title).