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Once Stephanie accepted Farley's invitation to chat privately, he wasted no time getting down to business.Within the first three minutes, he asked her how long she had been interested in the “room topic” and whether her involvement was “active” or merely fantasy.He suggested that she “set it up so that you and [me] are having sex or oral or something and [the daughter] walks in on it.” He thought that would be the easiest way to “invite her into it.”When Stephanie complained about the difficulty in finding a partner for this project, that it's “hard to find someone 4real” because most men were “full of BS,” Farley assured her that he was “looking for real,” and that he would take the real experience “as far as you are comfortable going.” Farley said that while he had never been with a ten-year-old girl, he had been sexually active for nearly a year with the fourteen-year-old he had met; he expressed the opinion that there was no difference between the ages from a “making it happen point of view” as long as the girl felt “comfortable and safe.”Farley told Stephanie that his name was “Kelly” and he shared details about his real job as regional vice president for a Dallas staffing company.Stephanie told him she was “Stephanie Miller” and said that her daughter was named “Sydney.” Farley suggested he might soon visit their hometown of Atlanta on business, but expressed some concern that Stephanie might be “a cop trying to entrap me.”On October 9, 2006, Farley initiated another chat with Stephanie.He told her that “my wife would flip if she knew I was into it.” Noting that Stephanie's profile mentioned a daughter, Farley asked if the mother ever got to “see anything.” He also asked Stephanie what her “favorite age” was, and she answered that it was her daughter's age, ten years old.After questioning Stephanie about how long she had been attracted to her daughter and what she did to “get looks and appease [her]self of the urge,” Farley suggested that she should arrange for her daughter to walk in on her while she was masturbating.To reach that goal Farley engaged in a steady stream of chat room conversations, emails, and phone calls over a period of seven months with the mother, leading up to his arrival in Atlanta carrying directions to the place where he planned to rendezvous with her and her eleven-year-old daughter. online chat room called “Fetish 14,” which was devoted to the topics of incest and sexual molestation of children.

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Using the internet, he made contact with the mother of a child of that age and set out to persuade her not only to let him have sex with her daughter but also to join him in sexually violating the child.Farley worried that Stephanie had “decided I was a fraud” and had given up on him. He told her his real last name, and said that he hoped to visit Atlanta sometime soon and wanted to have dinner with her. When Farley and Stephanie chatted again on March 8, 2007, he told her that he had met a woman from Toronto online who was “active” with her ten-year-old daughter. He said that the woman lets her daughter see her masturbating, “lets her touch and has taught her how to rub ․ herself,” and had even allowed Farley to watch the process by using a webcam. When Stephanie told him that Sydney was standing next to her as she typed, Farley told Sydney to “come real close” to the screen and asked her how she was enjoying her day off from school.