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Only problem: that job was at a small Country station, which no one listened to…Even ME! His nomadic jock journey took him to Indianapolis as pd for WNTR and later, was transferred to Memphis by Entercom.
If they can stay on this track, the momentum they’re building will likely be enough to overtake their competition and make them the new head honcho’s.

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The Chuck Lorre - Bill Prady sitcom remains one of the highest-rated network TV shows on network television, even though its numbers have dropped over the years.Still, even the most successful TV shows have a shelf-life.The latest item in the rumor mill suggests that "Resident Evil 7," Capcom's highly anticipated sequel to the hit zombie shooter video game series, "Resident Evil," might make its way out this year and that the exact date will be confirmed at the upcoming E3 2016 event.The studio has just recently rolled out the "Resident Evil Zero HD" Remaster last Jan.

The revolves around a group of brilliant scientists who are still somewhat socially inept, despite their progress over the years. » - TVSeries Kaley Cuoco has a lot on her mind when she shoots “The Big Bang Theory.” The actress, who plays Penny on the long-running CBS hit, shared a behind-the-scenes set photo to Instagram on Thursday.Et’s Deidre Behar caught up with lead actress Kaley Cuoco at Sunday’s Stand Up for Pits benefit in Hollywood, California, where the 31-year-old star dished on whether Bernadette’s second pregnancy may encourage her character, Penny, to start a family with husband Leonard on the CBS sitcom.“I think it's causing like, the itch,” Cuoco said.“You know when your girlfriends start getting married or having kids, you go, ' Oh, should I be doing this too?’ I think with Leonard and Penny, they're starting to talk about that too, and saying, ' Oh my god, are we behind?'”“But I think they're right where they need to be and I don't think we need another baby on set,” added the actress.Exclusive: Kaley Cuoco Gushes Over Boyfriend Karl Cook: ‘He’s Totally the Guy’It wouldn’t be the first time Cuoco has rocked a fake baby » Life is good for Kaley Cuoco!