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For at least the past quarter-century, he has been the only person in America doing this work.

Wiechert was a fiercely private individual who didn’t even let his closest friends know the intimate details of his life.

After receiving the purchase order, Wiechert drove another 35 miles to Mountainburg, where he bought a hog so he could test out his creation.

He remembered: “Brought the hog back to my office and locked all the doors. Hauled the equipment down to Cummins [Unit of the Arkansas Department of Corrections] and installed it.

If he came in as the low bid, he’d build and install the machine. ’ In my business, the hard part is electrocuting somebody!

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After completing his thesis, Wiechert accepted a position with Whirlpool in Michigan, heading up projects in the dryer division.

“Back in the ’70s, the state of Arkansas couldn’t find anybody to build an electric chair,” Wiechert said – a state of affairs with parallels to the difficulty states have obtaining the lethal injection cocktail these days. He found one extremely helpful book, written by an executioner.

Most people don’t realize that the electric chair isn’t a chair at all – the condemned can sit anywhere.

* * * orn June 28, 1943, in Brazilton, Kansas, Wiechert was machine-minded from an early age; he began working in his father’s blacksmith shop at the age of ten, where he often assisted in the repair of farm equipment.

Influenced by two engineer uncles, Wiechert later attended Kansas State University, earning his Bachelor’s and then his Master’s in electrical engineering.