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"You Really Got Me" was the band's third released single, after two previous recordings that failed to chart.
Add in thirty or more years of age and it has a rich, warm tone. LOL Anyone with the cash can buy a vintage Gibson Hummingbird, a Martin D-18 etc.

Dating a school teacher

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We made it to the restaurant and we had a perfect meal, which he paid for, and talked about ourselves and our experiences-- places we could see ourselves in a few years, things we wish we did and things we still want to do. We never kissed, or even got each other's cellphone number...

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To avoid getting into trouble with the school system (since we weren't technically doing anything wrong, but we didn't want to stir anything up), my teacher went and retrieved his car from the faculty parking and picked me up at the front of the school.

Three days before I went off to college (just an hour or so away from home), we went on a date to the ocean.

While we were laying on sandy towels looking at a stereotypical sunset, he turned to me.

I didn't end up asking him, which upset me while I was driving home, but I did see his truck parked at a gas station and decided it was alright to stop.

"I think it's safe to say I can at least have your number now?