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That is because intuition is naturally an unclear, hazy phenomenon, and listening well to it requires practice through life experiences.

It is helpful to pay attention to your gut feelings in retrospect.

You may have thought you were in a “good place.” And even if you were not very happy then, your emotional state at that time cannot be compared to the despair you feel once you are finally free of the abuse.

After the psychopath discards you so callously, you feel completely worthless, and climbing out of that hole probably seems impossible. You begin to build yourself up again by following the steps above: forgiving yourself and listening to your intuition.

Before your encounter with evil, you may have believed in the inherent goodness of others.

And you probably thought you could correctly identify those who are worthy of your love and devotion.

You can give yourself positive affirmations and make a deliberate effort to stop the negative thoughts that might creep in.But if you allow yourself to stay in such a hopeless place, you will become forever isolated and unhappy.Authentic trust is essential in loving, intimate relationships.However, even though your intuition is there to guide you, so often you doubt it because you doubt yourself.In order to listen to it effectively, you need to build up your self-confidence.Your intuition has cried out to you in varying degrees and at many points in your life.