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Dating an emotionally unavailable women

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I used to barf out intimate details of my life way to early.

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Three years of intensive therapy have successfully reduced my fear of intimacy by a lot. My therapist suggested online dating as a way to make further progress with this issue so my purpose for online dating is a bit different than other people’s.I have been able to practice this skill with potential romantic partners via online dating.I spent the majority of my life being afraid of close relationships and I unconsciously downplayed my looks.If that man isn’t calling to ask you for a second date then it was not meant to be and there is a huge supply of males left in the dating pool, many of whom will call you if you give them enough space to feel their desire for you.I have met many interesting men during my two months of online dating but the person who I am really getting to know is me.We store all our past hurts usually forever even when we are unaware of them.