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You’re going to make your date tense and uncomfortable because tense and uncomfortable and that in and this can rapidly become an inescapable downward spiral of suck. Embrace that things are going to go wrong or weird.
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Dating an unemployed man

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That doesn’t mean you have to be negative about it, though.

Battista suggests putting a positive spin on your situation.

Talking about your passions will not only help someone get to know you, but it will also be more interesting for both parties involved.

“Being honest about your unemployment is the best approach to communicating with a new guy [or girl],” said dating expert Marni Battista.

For instance, rather than talking about how the economy is killing your industry, or how hiring folks just don’t “get you,” focus on what’s working.

Here’s an example: “I love being a teacher, and am confident that my expertise in integrating technology into the classroom is going to land me an amazing position.

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When you’re unemployed, avoid listing a hopeful job title or giving a resume rundown.“Your match doesn’t need to know the intricacies of your experience in a first impression,” Davis explained.Say something like, “I’m a management consultant” rather than, “I’m trying to start consulting for executives since I did a lot of that in my past job.” “Over explaining isn’t confident,” she said.Try to make light of the situation as best as you can.“I find that most awkward moments are awkward because YOU are feeling awkward,” said Lo Dolce. If you start feeling uncomfortable, Lo Dolce suggests joking around and making light of the situation.When you’re unemployed, one of your biggest fears is being judged by others.