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After he eats well, or sometime when he's in a good mood, sit down and have a nice talk with him. Also, I took my son to movies (just the 2 of us) , the zoo, rides, whatever---tried to spend time with him alone (demanding, needy, or competing siblings can really be a problem, too). My son's waldorf teacher says that emotional outbursts are very typical for the 10 year old, and I have seen my quiet son rage and cry with his strong feelings.

Bryan A homeopath in Emeryville has done good work in treatment/cure of children with mood and attention problems. It was depressing/alarming listening to this turned-off little kid every day. In retrospect, I wish I had taken him out of the good quality (supposedly) public school district he grew up in and put him into a smaller, more caring private school that could have nurtured and legitimized his interests instead of denying them, as it was the case in his public school experience.Kristine Feb 2006 I am concerned about our child who has been challenging for years, but he (10 years old) gets into very funky moods where he says ''shut up'' all day long, calls everyone ''stupid'' and worse things all day long, and refuses to take time away from people when he does this, and if we can somehow get him up the stairs for time out for this, he slams doors, etc.He is seeing a good counselor now, and this may or may not be helping, but has anyone has any experience with this? concerned parent This doesn't sound like a psychological problem to me, it sounds like a kid who is acting out some enormous, mysterious discomfort with the world.I wanted to reply because of something else I picked up on. He needs something and doesn't know how to ask for it (maybe the family needs something unspoke? I agree that some useful tools to help him with behavior, particularly in his social relationships, could help him from becoming more alienated (it's not clear how this affects him at school or in his friendships and in settings outside the home). You did mention receiving some counseling in the past.But my overriding sense is that judgment about how he's not measuring up only feeds the fire and what seems like desperation. There is something that is very loudly calling for attention now.We are rational parents with education and have been able to get him to a place to discuss his outbursts and lying. He says he wants to be a contributing member of the family. I worry about what kind of an adult he will be if we don't help him learn how to control it NOW. I have been in a similar position with my 10 year old son. I have tried a myriad of ''tools'' including creating a support network of family and friends.