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More often the first building mentioned will be the farmhouse.It’s important to realize that the barn is likely to be older than the house.The barns built by the original settlers were most often patterns and types they were already familiar with.As the population increased and people began moving west, the old patterns became changed by the differences in climate and evolving farming practices in America.When you observe this, you know the barn came before the hay track.The canted purlin roof didn’t need modified since it had no connecting timbers.

The earliest barns were built before sawmills existed near enough to new settlements to make transporting logs to a mill practical.Why build a new barn, when all you need is a taller roof?The invention and widespread use of the hay track is actually a useful starting point for dating barns.Barns built after that period, and on up to the 1930s when baling hay became practical, are usually taller to accommodate high haystacks. The way barns were framed can also help in dating them.Again, the easiest way to understand why has to do with how hay is stored, since after all, a barn is really a roof over a haystack for the most part.The gambrel is actually a roof form that was developed in response to improved farming practices that produced large crops of good hay, combined with the invention and widespread use of the hay track that allowed loose hay to be stacked high.