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I was concerned that our invasion would destroy the stability of the Gulf which had, since the fall of the Shah in 1979, depended on a tripod comprising Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (the latter supported by the West).That is exactly what happened and we now find that the Iranians are in a position to dominate the Gulf region. The army was disbanded (although some would say it disbanded itself).There was a huge turnout by the majority Shia’ who must have been amazed at the naivety of their occupiers.As it turned out, Nouri Malaki, the Iraqi prime minister who was finally forced to step down this week, proved to be a Shia’ version of Saddam – at least as the minority Sunnis perceived him.Behind what we might perceive as this somewhat chaotic structure lie the secret police and the armed forces.They hold the state together under the aegis of the president, king, or whoever rules the roost.When you have a problem of any kind, you look for someone related to you by family, tribe or region to help you out and requests are most unlikely to be refused since these ties are especially powerful.

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The enthusiasm of yester-year for the “Arab Spring” has proved entirely misguided. Those determined to be “on the right side of history” now find themselves on the wrong side of the argument.

As I write, the immediate crisis on Mount Sinjar appears to have been resolved but the appalling scenes which have dominated our television screens in recent weeks and the graphic reports in newspapers have galvanised public opionion. One million people have been displaced since Islamic State militants took over swathes of Northern Iraq.

People demand that we do all in our power to help the Christians and the Yasidis who are being so viciously persecuted. Yesterday, the governor of Dohuk province warned of a “genocide”, as hundreds of thousands sought refuge there. This requires a realistic appraisal of the situation on the ground and of our capacity to change it.

Beyond that we need to review our attitude to the present regimes in Tehran and in Damascus – yes, Damascus. An “Islamic state” poses a major threat to the stability of the whole Middle East.

Furthermore, it establishes an area under the control of Islamic extremists which poses a threat to Britain itself.