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A pack of 90 cards by Dream Green intended for educational games. This is a light-hearted game for 2-10 players by Wolfgang Kramer.There are 5 cards for each of the numbers 0 to 16 and 5 wild "OY! Rules of several games are included, all of which are based on mental arithmetic. It has been reissued in American editions under the names Category 5 and Slide 5 and most recently The Walking Dead. Each card is worth penalty points (the multiples of 5 and 11 being most expensive), so the aim is to avoid capturing cards.The two final attack cards can be used to win the game when your three combatants are fully armed and guarded.This American version of Quartet, Go Fish or Happy Families is sometimes played with standard playing-cards, but originally cards showing famous authors were used.Each player simultaneously selects a card from their hand and these cards are played according to various rules to a layout consisting of four rows.

I am not actively developing this part of the site, but from time to time I will include here relevant information and links that I come across or that people send me.The game needs 2 packs of 96 cards each, a game board, several tokens, a scoring board.The cards are printed inside the book, and the rules are given as an appendix.The 52-card pack uses colours (red, green, yellow, blue) instead of suit symbols, and has numbers 2-14 of each colour, with the top four cards of each suit marked with 1-4 dots representing their Milton Work point count.Since cards of the same rank differ only in colour, these cards will be unsuitable for some colour-blind players, but it is easy to substitute a standard deck of playing-cards.This is repeated until everyone has played six cards and the final card of the age is discarded.