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Dating children of alcoholics

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You can help stop the dysfunctional bloodline by spotting these 13 characteristics of adult children of alcoholics and seeking healing.

Life was not normal and there was no point of reference to figure out what was normal. The common reaction is to gain control and gain it as soon as possible.

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The truth is, that independence and perfectionism covers real pain and fear. Because let me tell you, I am going to try to fix it all. I’m going to try really hard because I don’t know what normal looks like. And then I am going to feel like a worthless human being. Can you create a space for me where it’s OK to fall apart? Of course, not everything I tell you here will apply to every situation: Pick and choose what seems appropriate to you, and even better, ask the person you love what would help. I am just a person who grew up with a significant amount of pain and suffering, which has shaped me into this woman I am today. I speak from my heart, through my pain and fear, and hope that in this you can find some strength, some solidarity, and some understanding. I’m mentioning this first because you are not responsible for my behavior (in the interest of simplicity, I’ll be identify the ACo A as “me” throughout.) And also, I need it. My psychosocial development was probably stunted because one or more of the necessary milestones of childhood was not met. Many of you have asked for a companion article that offers some advice for those who love an ACo A (Adult Child of an Alcoholic). If you are one of the many people who asked for this article, you’re already on the path to love and understanding, and miles ahead of those who aren’t attuned to their partner's needs. I won’t necessarily believe what you say to me — even “I love you” may be cause for question.