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Dating codependent man

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An example is when someone is hung over or high or acting out and can’t go to work.

The codependent will call the boss and make excuses.

It shook me to my core, because I was in the same dark place he was when my own marriage ended.

Thankfully, I had a wonderful therapist who talked me in off the ledge.

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But that didn’t mean it didn’t exist or that wasn’t a client’s presenting problem; many times it was. Originally, partners of alcoholics were identified as "co-alcoholics." That evolved into the term “codependent” sometime in the late 1980s.She said, “It’s hard work, you’re overworked and underpaid.It’s time for you to quit, or I’m going to fire you.” And so began my recovery from codependency. Codependents take care of everyone and everything, to their own detriment. They get their self-esteem from doing for others, often taking on responsibilities that are not theirs and hoping it will be appreciated. They are masters of people pleasing…trying to get others to like them and appreciate them.Similarly, their need to be the caretaker puts everyone else’s needs before their own. That is why being alone is so difficult for codependents.They are attracted to “project people” and “problem people.” They continue to try to control and caretake and make everyone else’s problems and issues their own. They have no one to rescue or help, and their own identity is so caught up in what they do for others that they are left with a blank — and that sends their anxiety through the roof.Codependents are famously exhausted — emotionally, physically, financially.