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Dating copeland spode china

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For a larger photograph and more information, click on more details below. Click on any price to convert it to other major currencies. Prices are in UK pounds and approximate US dollar equivalents. Prices are in UK pounds and approximate US dollar equivalents.Other names: Spode (1784), Copeland and Garrett (c.1833-47), W. Copeland & Sons (from 1867), late Spode and Spode Ltd (1847-2007), Royal Worcester (2007-8)Foundation date: 1784Dissolution date: 2008Function: Pottery manufacturer History or description: William Taylor Copeland (1797–1868) came from a family of pottery manufacturers. Copeland and Garrett had developed the process by about 1845 which they called 'statuary porcelain'.He took over the family's involvement in the Spode factory and became sole owner of the London business after the death of Josiah Spode in 1827. The development of parian ware was closely associated with commissions received from the Art Union of London which wished to make small scale and low cost sculptures available as prizes for its subscribers. Copeland and Garrett was one of the first companies to produce parian ware, an unglazed white porcelain material suitable for reproducing sculptures on a small scale.Other provincial Art Unions also offered parian statuettes as prizes but it was only the London Art Union which could afford to commission new work.With few exceptions, the marks included in the exhibit are assigned the number designated by Mr. While these marks represent the types of marks found on the items included in the exhibition, they do not constitute a complete list of all marks employed by the Spode factory from 1780 to 1833.

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This particular mark has the letter T and the number 23, a quick code dating it at August 1923.

Many of Spode's more recent backstamps are printed on to the pieces, such as this one, which is from 2003.

This exhibit employs Robert Copeland's categorization of marks to include: Impressed, painted and printed company marks as well as workman's painted and printed marks.

See Copeland 'Parian Copeland's Statuary Porcelain' (2007), p. Employees included James Farrell Employed by Copeland. Graves, ‘Copeland, William Taylor (1797–1868)’, rev.

See Copeland 'Parian Copeland's Statuary Porcelain' (2007), p. Employees included Rowland James Morris See Copeland 'Parian Copeland's Statuary Porcelain' (2007), no dates are given.