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According to the proponents of this theory, pederasty came to being on the Dorian island Crete, where grown-up men used to kidnap (consenting) adolescents.It is assumed that this practice spread from Crete to the Greek mainland.In the soldiers' city Sparta, it was not uncommon when a warrior took care of a younger recruit and stood next to him on the battlefield, where the two bravely protected each other.Especially in aristocratic circles, pederasty is believed to have been common.And it is true: the Jewish and Christian attitudes and obsessions have never played a role in the sexual lives of the ancient Greeks.In their eyes, it was not despicable when a married man had affairs with boys, although the Athenians expected a man to have children -especially sons- with his lawful wife.There are many sources of evidence: lyrical poetry, vases, statues, myths, philosophical treatises, speeches, inscriptions, medical texts, tragedies, comedies, curses (example), and anecdotes in which homosexual practices are mentioned, lauded, ignored, and sometimes discouraged.The often outspoken poems and the philosophy of Plato (427-347) have resulted in our expression "Greek principles" to describe male homosexuality.

In ancient Greece, there never was a word to describe homosexual practices: they were simply part of aphrodisia, love, which included men and women alike.For example, Aristophanes (c.445-c.380) shows them dressed like women, with a bra, a wig and a gown, and calls them euryprôktoi, "wide arses".In this scholarly reconstruction of ancient sexual behavior, the older lover is presented as some sort of substitute father: he is there to help his beloved one on his way to manhood and maturity, and to initiate him in the customs of grown-up people.Those scholars who prefer the historical approach are convinced that pederasty originates in Dorian initiation rites.The Dorians were the last tribe to migrate to Greece, and they are usually described as real he-men with a very masculine culture.There are, indeed, a great many pictures on vases that show how an older lover, the erastes, courts a boy, the eromenos.