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For more itinerary options, browse the additional vacation packages to Italy on Zicasso. You have just arrived in Venice and already the city enchants you, filled with marbled piazzas and stunning palaces, remarkable history and elegant décor.

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Mail Merge is a popular feature of Microsoft Outlook and, with the help of Google Scripts, we can easily perform mail merge in Gmail, Google Inbox, Google Apps and G Suite accounts as well.Gmail Mail Merge is powerful and packed with useful features.You can insert different (unique) file attachments from Google Drive for each recipient, the emails can be written in plain text or formatted in rich-text HTML and the email opens can be tracked so you’ll know if an email has been read.You can also schedule merges and send your emails later at your preferred date and hour.Your photo/graphics editing program will have these settings for you.Click on the "Add Your Photo" button to follow the instructions to post your photos.Click that link to see the photo details, including a new button at the bottom of the page to delete your photo.

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When you have completed the model release form, sign it and fax, email or mail it to Jones Soda Co.You can also include inline images, animated GIFs, and make your message stand out with rich-text formatting.Now that our template is ready, switch to the Mail Merge sheet and choose Run Mail Merge to start sending emails.And in your Gmail Draft, your can refer to these variable fields as , and so on.You can include file attachments in the draft message and they’ll be sent with every email.That's not a panic though as we the number of votes you get for your photo is only one the many indicators we use to choose photos for the Jones Soda labels.