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You have to hand it to the people who run this site because they are masters of deception and trickery and they hide things in plain view.

In this particular part of the investigation we took a screenshot of the homepage that has proof that they are involved in creating fake computer-generated virtual profiles.

On their own terms page they confess that they create fictitious profiles.

The reason it's in the terms page is because they don't want you to know about it.

Right off the bat we need to tell you that Arousing is part of a network of fictitious dating sites.

The list of sites connected to a Arousing includes Passion, Horny,,, Local, No Strings, Meet, Naughty, and Flirt

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And the use of fake profiles can land the owners of this site in hot water with the FTC just like it did with JDI Dating back in 2014 when they were required to pay a 6,165 fine for the use of deceptive phony profiles.None of the information you see on the bogus profile pages on Arousing is real.The bottom line is if it looks too good to be true it probably is.The chances of her creating a profile on a Arousing Dates is slim to none.(Fake profile photo found on other sites.) This photo was found on numerous adult image sites.They use images of attractive looking women and with those images they create a fake profile page.