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Dating greek manuscripts

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Also (and this is actually encouraging), sometimes a given expert can change his/her mind, revising an earlier judgement in the light of further reflection on the data. And, contrary to one reported statement by a scholar not himself a palaeographer, it’s not all “bullshit.” Typically, people today will call for carbon-14 testing.But, as is evident from recent examples, carbon-14 testing can’t really do more than offer a certain probability for a timeframe of approximately a century or so: about the same timeframe that palaeographers can offer.Further to my recent posts about recent proposals for the dating of certain NT papyri, let me briefly clarify the process of dating papyri, which might well seem a mystery to those not familiar with it.There are two main types of papyri: “documentary” (letters, official documents such as land-transfers, marriage contracts, shipping bills, etc.) and “literary” (treatises, poetry, history, fiction, etc.).Despite the many challenges, however, dates have been assigned to a number of important Bible manuscripts.

Catherine’s monastery, located at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt.

It is especially important to look for comparators that are themselves securely dated, i.e., documentary texts.

But, on the other hand, documentary texts are often written in a “documentary hand,” which is much like the difference between modern cursive writing and writing out individual letters.

But, as with all such judgement-activities, experts can disagree, often by several decades, even a century or so, and sometimes even more.

In part, this is because different palaeographers take somewhat different approaches, some focusing more on the overall appearance of the “hand” and others focusing more on particularities of individual letters, for example.