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Dating hiwatt amplifiers

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It’s like having a boutique amplifier workshop at your fingertips.All BIAS products can connect to the Positive Grid Tone Cloud®, a cloud-based community we’ve created specifically for guitarists and musicians.It’s much more than just an online storage tank for sounds - it’s a place to discover new ideas and new tones.You can download new amps created by artists and recording studios, backup and share your own creations with other guitarists in the community, and interact with other musicians with similar interests.Gone are the days of building a board with pedals that only work with the one amp you’re currently gigging with - now you can put together a much wider tonal palette.

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Not only that, BIAS Head’s sonic flexibility means that your pedalboard can be more flexible too.

Even better, it gives you the power to create an entirely new amp that is unique to you and the way YOU play.

Connect via built-in Bluetooth or USB, and open up a world of component options previously only available with a soldering iron: choose between different preamp and power amp circuits, change the tubes and transformers, add clipping diodes and try out different rectifiers - all completely authentic and all in real time.

Imagine having access to the tools that real boutique amp designers use - from building blocks like preamps, power amps, tubes and transformers to component-level options like tube bias and pre and post filtering - without needing to know what they do or how to use them! With BIAS Amp software, you don’t have to settle for what someone else considers the “ideal Plexi” or the “best tweed” amplifier to be - for the first time ever, you can have a custom amp designed specifically for the way YOU play.

Decide whether you want to use your fingertips or a mouse to interact with your BIAS Head.