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A causa del fatto che essi provenivano dalla stessa città, il loro incontro si rivelò molto piacevole per entrambi. Più tardi, Ayin Chen insegnò il Di Shu Quan a Yi Jiu Chen in segreto.

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Saudi Arabia isn’t the only nation to mistreat women – misogyny has no borders, colour or creed.

Jameel isn’t the system; he’s just a person, who happens to be male.The criticism of Jameel also smacks of what the late, great Edward Said correctly defined as orientalism – the West’s patronising attitude towards cultures different to our own.When we thought that Jameel was a Spanish footballer, we applauded him: but when we thought that Rihanna was dating a Middle Eastern man – an Arab, no less – we condemned her, implying that Arab men can’t respect women, only Western men do.Which is why the racist response to Jameel’s ethnic origin has been particularly painful to see.As it became known that Jameel was a Saudi heartthrob, the backlash commenced.Saudi Arabian activist Manal al-Sharif’s biography, Daring to Drive highlights the fact that many Saudi men, like al-Sharif’s brother (who stood by her side throughout her imprisonment and campaigning) care about addressing the injustice within their society.