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Mark Fairhurst, acting national chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said staffing issues at jails are a national problem.
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I agree to pay any reasonable copying and postage fees of not more than .If the cost would be greater than this amount, please notify me.Additionally I would like the point of contact for the person who oversees grant compliance as well.Please provide me with the grant documents that are filled for Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center out of Hermiston Oregon.​Copy off all documentation and receipts pertaining to the specific transactions identified below, characterized by the specific Cardholder Name, Post Date, Trans Date, Description, and Charge.

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Chauhan," "state Medicaid operations director" or "chief health systems officer." Thank you for your time and attention to my request.​​Hello, I would like to obtain an updated VCP & ICP Excel file for the entire state.​​Access to and a copy of the most recent Oregon State Fair annual reports, which I understand are required by ORS 565.555 to be provided by the Oregon State Fair Council to the governor. Brown pertaining to Oregon marijuana policy: am seeking a PDF copy of Gov.Specifically I am seeking the reports from 2015, 20.​​This is regarding a letter sent July 24 by U. Brown's response to Sessions, or information about when such a response would be issued if it hasn't been already. Cordially, Aleta Labak, Denver Post digital producer​​I am requesting the applications and any information available about the people applying for appointment to the vacated Crook County District Attorney position.All background checks for Fay Stetz-Waters, a/k/a Sharon P. All written processes, scoring sheets, or other systems related to the Governor's process for selecting Circuit Court Judges; 6. Frost​​I need the standard form and procedure for filing a tort claim for damages against the State of Oregon Water Resources Department.All correspondence of any kind, including any recording of any conversation between Fay Stetz-Waters and Governor Brown or any staff member of the Governor's office.​​Please provide copies of any and all letters received by Governor Kate Brown from Maurice Ziemer and/or Lucy Ziemer and/or Patrons of Westland Irrigation District since January 1, 2016, pertaining to the Westland Irrigation District and/or its operations. Please feel free to email me the forms and procedures or where I can find the forms.​​I am requesting all records showing the follow up action or lack of follow up action regarding my verbal complaint about the loss of ground water and over appropriation of alluvial groundwater in the Stage Gulch Critical groundwater area in Umatilla, County Oregon.Member of the Moment: We are a fun loving committed couple looking to try new things. Thanks Very horny young married couple wanting to add some extra sugar to our great sex life.