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Eventually, I did meet people outside of dating apps. They take on new jobs or become absorbed by new relationships and suddenly it’s Friday and the three people who might join you for happy hour are all out of town or busy. And when dating doesn’t go well, it’s friends who show us that our lives can be full of love, even when we’re single.

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Their vision for racial empowerment involves suits, ties, and politics. As the organizations bicker about the best way to respond to the blackface party, a photo of Sam that Gabe tagged with the hashtag “#hateitwhen bae leaves” circulates around the group. Not quite ready for this openness, Sam confronts Gabe about the photo — she’s completely justified in doing so since he posted it without her permission.

A narrator with an “ethnic, but non-threatening voice” describes the social landscape at the prestigious Winchester University.She struggles with her own identity as a mixed race person while holding white people accountable as a student activist, and on her campus radio show "Dear White People." When a blackface party is thrown on campus, the racial tensions that some folks pretended didn’t exist are suddenly out in the open for everyone to see.If you’re looking for an easily identifiable villain and saving grace in the form of a “good” protagonist, you’re in the wrong place.Between snippets of those phone interactions, we also meet Sam’s best friend Joelle (Ashley Baine Featherson), who is also Black.They talk about Forever 21’s cultural appropriation, the internal conflict of still enjoying in the wake of his sexual assault scandal, and whether or not Sam is refusing to hang out with Joelle because of “dick-related plans.” A really buff classmate by the name of Reggie (Marque Richardson) approaches the friends in the residence hall at that very moment and seductively asks Sam what she’s up to.Cut to a scene of Sam enjoying what appears to be some pretty good midday sex.