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FISCAL IMPACT: The bill would have no fiscal impact for the state and local units of government.

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My advocate got it through just before daily fines were applied they are 77 bolivianos per person per day workthat … Can anyone tell me how much customs will charge if I have things sent to me here in Bolivia by post. Not rated yet Hi - can anyone recommend a detective or private investigator in Bolivia, preferably Cochabamba? We want to know what is a good service for shipping … Not rated yet Hi, I'm considering Bolivia for retirement.How to seek asylum in Bolivia Not rated yet Hello, I need to seek protection and residence in Bolivia for my family and I. My spouse has half-siblings there that he is trying to … I was reading a blog about Tarija that mentioned cheap restaurants called pensions where locals ate cheap … Not rated yet Hello, I have a work contract for Bolivia and am applying for the 30 day special objective.I would like to know what the policy is for me as I am married to a Bolivian citizen, to become a citizen of …Expat used to live in La Paz for more than 6 months!I'm a 55 year old male that's living on about 00/month, on disability. I am moving to Bolivia (La Paz) next July as an exchange student for the next two years. Not rated yet If you're embarking on a work experience overseas, or you're the trailing spouse following someone taking that step, you're in for many changes. I would be really pleased if someone could give me some information …

I love the country and would like to return to school. Fines for over stay and residency visa process Not rated yet Just completed process for 3 yr visa. I'm hoping someone on this forum has children and could provide a recommendation. Buying and posting items to Bolivia Not rated yet Hi. Not rated yet What is the best way to access money in Bolivia with an emphasis on long term? Private investigator/detective in Cochabamba to locate our siblings? Not rated yet My wife and I have lived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for a few years and are moving home to the USA soon.American husband, bolivian wife here; getting my spouse visa I overstayed my tourist visa while in the states, met the love of my life, dated him for more than a decade we got married last year, my mom got sick in … marriage & birth certificates According to your website, U. Safety in Santa Cruz - Should I Rethink Moving There? I am Bolivian, but am a naturalized citizen of the United States. ARE THERE ANY PROBLEMS OR LIMITATIONS WITH BRINGING LARGE AMOUNTS … Hey, i am moving to Santa Cruz de la sierra, and i will be in a small house in Comarapa. Hey, i am a teenage American girl, moving to Bolivia. My family and I are planning to relocate from the US to Cochabamba in mid 2012, for 12-24 months.Need Some Advice Regarding Moving to Cochabamba, Bolivia Hola, I am an American whose wife is Bolivian. i would like to go home for Christmas, but i am sure they will not finish with my residencia premanente application … Ecuador Very simply, what are the major differences in lifestyle between Bolivia and Ecuador, and, which country offers the most to an expat American retiree? What is the best South American Country for me to retire in? Like warm weather, but would prefer not to have to rely on air conditioning all the time. Need a little help buying a car in La Paz, Bolivia Hi everyone! I bank with a credit union in the United States, but as they say... My Debit card expired on March 31 and as of today April … I am thinking of moving to Bolivia with my wife (Boliviana)and two children ages 10 and 4. What is the approximate total cost when applying for legal residency in Bolivia? I was wondering, are there problems with animals in this area? i have been to Bolivia twice before and i have some really good Bolivian friends now. I've been researching as much as possible, but have a …Moving from Ecuador to Bolivia, can we bring our 4x4 and truck of stuff over borders? What are the conditions of Bolivian hospitals like? Not rated yet This is the last in a series of 10 video tips I've been posting weekly for some time now. What makes you successful in one country may work against you in another.Not rated yet We are thinking of moving from Ecuador to Bolivia and already have purchased a house full of stuff and 4x4 here. Do Bolivian banks require FATCA paperwork to be filled out by US persons? What is required to open an account in a Bolivian bank? Do Bolivian banks require FATCA paperwork for US persons opening a bank … Things to check out if visiting Bolivia to get facts Not rated yet My family and i are going to visit bolivia to check it out for coming to live. Not rated yet Hey, i am moving to bolivia to Santa Cruz de la Sierra in August, and my family is very concerned for me and my health. Retirement visa and USA IRA retirement accounts Not rated yet I might like to retire in Bolivia. In fact, this is a bonus tip - number 11, in an effort to help … This is Tip 10 in my 10-part series to help you transition … thinking of living in Bolivia..information on buying a home Not rated yet We are interested in moving to Bolivia to live. Inquiry about work and living in bolivia Not rated yet Hi there im also a webmaster myself and I am really proud of you that you did this very resourceful site even though you dont have any solid experience … Not rated yet Our elderly parents in the USA have medicare.My Mistaken Mariachis - Just Another Something to Love About Bolivia It's midnight Tuesday. I understand that there are some unknown fees that could occur if … Possibly Moving to Bolivia From Australia and Need Opinions hola mi esposa es colombiana y yo soy finlandez.