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It is called the thin stamp because the font of ZILDJIAN is as thin as the other letters. The three dots in the Arabic script are missing in this stamp. First Stamp 1920s-1930s This stamp has the prewar arabic script and a very low 'made in usa'.

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These stamps pressed harder on the outside, the Z and Co are deeper. Thin Stamp 1970s This stamp was found on a 16 inch SWISH cymbal from the early 1970s.

Until 1964 all Zildjian cymbals were hand hammered.

This made them very thin which gives a deeper ‘trashy’ sound than thicker cymbals and is a major part of the reason why they have such appeal.

If this is your cymbal for sale, don’t be discouraged, re-list it and try again.

If there’s no reserve on a vintage zildjian or if there is a low reserve then for the investor or collector it can represent a ‘wee find’ but be aware just as there are simply amazing old Zildjians there are also not-so-hot pies out there: Although the ‘name’, ‘age’ and ‘markings’ may be right, there is always a chance of disappointment with the actual sound of it. Assuming that you will be using e Bay, buying or selling; You will have to check what is for sale.