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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died after contracting a bug two weeks ago that eventually killed him as it is revealed his health decline began two years ago when an 'infection caused a crippling back condition that left him bedridden.'Hefner, 91, had been suffering from severe back problems for years but his condition worsened dramatically after he caught an infection.

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Remember that relationship history tends to repeat itself so ask about their past relationships.

Enjoy your romantic experience, while trying to maintain a healthy level of skepticism.

Your painful past can make you ripe to project all the ideals of the perfect communicator onto someone you just started dating.

This can cause you to dive in head first to a new relationship investing way too much too soon when you really don’t know this person. So, if this sounds familiar, here’s what you can do. If it reveals that you are an early idealizer then the best thing you can do is reflect and slow down your relationships.

Do your research and keep your eyes wide open so that you can clearly see the true meaning behind the flattery.

As always, thank you for reading and if you haven’t heard Dr.

Some of these include: It is flattering to think that someone’s love for you had a miraculous change-effect on their previous patterns of behavior.

Rarely does dating meet our expectations and we make errors like a inflating an ego, playing games, talking about past relationships and rushing into a relationships, sometimes they can be remedied.

However, there are issues that cannot be taken care of and are fatal like cheating, lying, or being selfish.

The thing about dating and love is that it is so often considered something that should be intuitive and easy so people approach it with a philosophy but, in reality, dating takes work and thought and intention. This is a big one and unless you possess super strong self-control, then I’m sure this dating mistake has gotten the best of you before. You fall fast and hard and your partner can do no wrong. So you drop your friends and invest all your time and energy into this perfect person.

Sometimes, this tendency is a result of avoiding some past pain by projecting your ideals onto someone else.