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Coming up with fun, creative solutions to problems is part of their day job. If you had a crush on a teacher as a youngster, now’s your chance to finally date one — legally. Date a teacher and you’ll be dating someone who is shaping future leaders. So the next morning i had a meeting with head teacher to explain there's no way my child is to be left alone with a male teacher on their own, so that got sorted out.said he could see my knickers and thats gross, and mummy he said it two times in front of all the class.

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They had rooms and all of our holidays were always together," Letourneau said. If you want to know what’s hip with kids these days, your date will know. So if you’re looking for the parent of your future kids, a teacher is a great candidate. Teachers are up on the latest lingo and pop-culture trends. I agree with the PP that this is why there is such a shortage of male teachers in school.If a female teacher had done either of those things I don't think you would be posting.And only last week i read an article about how the number of male teachers are reducing, and i'm afraid it's because of attitudes like yours.