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At the Dick’s Sporting Goods, just off Route 30 there, the nationally ranked Penn State Nittany Lions took up the most space.In the store’s NFL section, a few Wentz shirts were outnumbered by Ravens gear.In other cases individuals who were never licensed but pay fines and keep collecting or selling dogs. They scatter and go into hiding when Dog Law shines the light on them but then rear their ugly heads when they think the coast is clear,” said Libby Williams, founder of Pet Watch NJ, which monitors illegal kennels and rescue groups.“We catch underground sellers every week on online broker sites like Greenfield Puppies, Lancaster Puppies and Sunnyside Puppies.” In the first bust last week, repeat offender Barbara Dienner - who was issued 60 dog law citations in the past three years - is facing another string of kennel charges - and PSPCA officials say - likely cruelty charges.“I don’t have a problem with the Steelers, but I have a problem with the Steelers fans,” said Keith Mc Donald, a 21-year-old Millersville resident who was wearing a Wentz jersey. “Even at local bars there seemed to be more Steelers fans than Eagles fans.

A day later the Lancaster SPCA removed six dogs from am unlicensed breeding kennel in Strasburg – including a dog with no eyes and another with no legs.

Casterline’s bar in Wilkes-Barre is named after the Steagles, the combined Pittsburgh-Philadelphia team that competed in 1943 during World War II.

Casterline says the working-class bar is 60-40 in favor of Philly.

In Pennsylvania, season-ticket holders come to Lincoln Financial Field from 545 of the state’s 2,561 municipalities.

Neither Facebook nor Twitter has updated its map since 2014, so there’s no telling whether the “word of Wentz” has spread Eagles green westward.