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"Anyone's welcome to come and I'll throw out the details once the bounce house arrives! "He was understandably irritated with my purchase, but after realizing he did in fact say 'anything,' we were cool."Overall, I think everyone can agree that a 8 pink bouncy house (0 including shipping, says Leagan) was a pretty genius interpretation of the word, "anything".

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Even my Korean-American husband was told by an Asian woman that she “didn’t do Asians”.

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“I like Mark because he’s not like Dan, he doesn’t leave the toilet seat up like Dan does, he opens my car door but Dan wouldn’t…” All it really sounds like is that this hypothetical Asian woman is REALLY obsessed with DAN (Asian men) but doesn’t actually like Mark (White men) for who he is.

We just wait around until a guy asks us out, and then we decide if we’re going to let it happen.

Now I know that it doesn’t always happen that way, but that’s the way society has long since defined dating, and plenty of women still get asked out to this day.

The things she likes about White men are often rooted in things she dislikes about Asian men/culture – therefore, not seeing the White man as an individual but instead distancing herself from her heritage as much as possible by dismissing it in the arms of a White man and mainstream Western culture.

Since when do we have to compare men to one another when choosing a partner?