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Those grasping at straws are liable to see Personal Shopper's preoccupation with screens and conclude it must mean something.

I'm more liable to believe if Assayas were alive in the 18th century he'd be doing performance art with semaphore.

It's a frustrating situation - like following phosphenes around your closed eyelids and never seeming to pin them down to get a good look.

The parts that are most viscerally effective are ironically the most mundane: elongated hand-held segments of driving through busy city streets, silent walks through creaky houses, characters holding dogs back from open front yard gates.

But the 2 messages were seen in the same minute ().

By day Maureen, (Stewart) our hero, works as a personal shopper, running errands for a famous-because-she's-famous celebrity (von Waldstatten) who simply must have the latest fashion accessories.

By night, she's a medium with a talent she continually insists belonged to her belated brother - that talent presumably being, looking like a sleep-walking, emaciated golem.

Before her brother died, He promised he would try to make contact with her so she can lay her anxieties about the afterlife to rest.

Thus she waits..waits, and waits some more, slowly absorbing the evening Paris lamplight while riding in her moped.