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" I almost never date a streetwalker anymore, now that they decline BBBJ.Escorts are best value, I have had luck with GFEs for between 0 and 00 pesos because I research reviews.I am sorry that I was a bit snarky responding to your original post, I tried but couldn't later delete my reply.The same has happened to me twice and with real cops.The second time was last month and is elsewhere reported, I ended up buying them cokes and cigarettes for a total of under 70 pesos and after they had put us in the patrol car and driven us a few blocks hoping we would scare into offering to settle. I am going to hereafter carry the emergency number for the American Embassy and play dumb, that I don't understand Spanish well enough and that I want them to call and have my own officials explain to me what is happening.Even real cops cannot actually book you for talking to or dating a streetwalker, they are merely looking to scare you into giving them as much as they can get out of you. Just give them the paper (better yet a card from the Embassy) and mutter out "Llama por favor la Embajada Americana".Nearly all the sex shops are homosexual but there are rare exceptions.The gorgeous Alizee Sanzeth (pictured below) surrendered herself to a gang gang at Cabinas Juarez about six months ago, a place normally gay.

She has a gorgeous face and body with big and beautiful tits, tiny waist and large ass.I have seen many returning on foot from that hotel and I suppose they all use it.It is a bit of a "walk of shame" as your intent is so very obvious.I have chatted up several of these girls over the years and only one was willing to give a BBBJ even at extra pay I have lost many an opportunity with hot looking street girls because of my particular requirement.Only very rarely have I found one willing to go with me to my own nearby hotel. , none had returned to work there after the quake, there had been about 15 in the afternoons prior to the quake and including a couple of 8's.We should all carry that number anyway in case something real actually happened.