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They built a whole bank of phone booths, so an employee can come inside to use the phone or their cellphone to make a private call.

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And that’s not even taking into account the financial impact of turnover and training costs!

The bottom line is that you should try to keep good employees whenever you can.

Let’s face it – the hiring process can be a nightmare.

It’s an incredibly time-consuming task and there’s no guarantee that you won’t wind up getting burned after hiring a new employee.

Unfortunately, their feelings don’t really have any correlation to what’s best for the company.

You have to promote on skill and intuition alone – not on tenure or personal opinion.

For instance, if an employee is going through a divorce, has recently lost a loved one or is suffering a health-related crisis, these events can often cause a dramatic re-thinking of priorities.

Employees may begin to look elsewhere, thinking that finding greener grass in their work lives with help them feel better in their personal lives.

Often, these employees are already out the door in their own minds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and persuade them to stay. Clocking out on time may seem like a good thing, but it’s not always.

If you’d like to keep these employees, try giving them some time off by adjusting their work schedule or even a lightened workload for a short period.

If they have the opportunity to de-stress and take care of what’s happening in their lives off the clock, chances are they’ll be less prone to make rash decisions about their careers. Unlike “Yes” men and women, they actually possess the drive and skills that your business can put to good use.

Ask them why they are looking elsewhere and actually listen to their responses.

If it’s the company atmosphere they no longer like, suggest possible changes.