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This is because they can get access to the source theme you have purchased and see what is wrong with the theme. However, in a nulled theme, programmers may also find it difficult to find what is wrong and where as you may not have a working copy of the theme. You can get fully customisable, complete packages of themes as you wish for dead cheap prices and that too forever.

Licenses need not be renewed and updates are free for a year or two or forever.

However, the file dump also contains payment methods, Pay Pal emails, dates and the cost of products and services sold on the forum -- which can be mined for research purposes by cybersecurity specialists.

Risk Based Security itself decided to do so, and the company's security team uncovered some interesting results.

With this being such a comprehensive dump of data it offers up a very good set of information for matching a member ID to the attached invoices, transactions and other content such as member messages and posts."The data breach, caused by software riddled with critical issues, is somewhat ironic.

Those registered on the forum for nefarious purposes are no doubt wondering whether they can be tracked down, while law enforcement has been given a gift by the unknown attacker. The same as always -- any information you put online cannot be considered 100 percent safe, and this goes for cyberattackers, too.

Then why cant you go for paid themes which offers maximum customisation according to your needs?

This helps the provider to gain a legible backlink.While connecting the dots to find out who the hacker forum's users are, they discovered that many of the emails used to register with the forum ended in -- suggesting students or even academic staff -- as well as a number of email addresses from countries including the US, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia and Jordan.Other popular email services used to register with Nulled. The security firm noted:"If law enforcement obtains this information, (which no doubt they already have) it can be used to filter out any "suspects" under investigation for possibly conducting illegal activities via the forums.However it is harmful to users, as they may get penalized for providing link to banned or illegal websites. Open to wordpress installation entirely making vulnerable Themes are open parts of wordpress installations, to a certain extend.Nulled themes makes things worse by making it more vulnerable for external attacks. Incompatibility issues Most themes are designed for a few wordpress updates from the date of making.In case of wordpress themes, this is almost the case, but with some added advantages to the provider.