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This is often done through behavioral advertising, also known as targeting.
Her divorce was finalized about six months ago and she was finally starting to get ‘back in the saddle’ with me and go out.

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I am a Nigerian International Telecom Salesman based in Montreal Canada and I have met with Maher Qubain, the CEO of Starcomms Nigeria. He is just a service provider ---- yeah my boyfriend got a very believeable email from a guy over in ghana saying that he wanted him to act as a next of kin to a deceased guy thathas no family and has 9 million dollars that bears the same last name as my boyfriend. What typically happens is that they email me or instant message me and we start a friendship.

it was very very believeable because he sounded so professional andit just seem like hey that could work,there horrible people over therethat just sit around and find ways to f*** over hard working AMERICANSi think its awful and i hope that no one falls for it and gets screwed will say anything like saying o u can talk to my director that would be directly depositing the money into your account THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT! Right now I have four women trying to get me to wire them money via Western Union. As the days go by they start getting more and more serious.

This is the photo gallery of pictures that are most frequently used in scams.

These pictures have been abused by scammers for many years, and in spite of warnings on many scamlists, they STILL keep resurfacing over and over again.

([email protected])Best Regards Cancun--I got that exact message from "Daniel Wani"---and I did report and delete. Hi guys and gals Proposal to each one of you to do the same…i already start-up to give to all scammers "that i know so far" something to do...hence all of them are asking for money usually through WU...i am sending to them once per month or when i feel like ..

There's another one --calls him self "Mark Dolek"--uses "jenny" as email addy--gorgeous pic--and is a scammer from Nigeria. But not before telling him I loved him and wanted him to faher my 7 children --plus he needed to work at lest three jobs as I am used to spending money!! an email with all the info which they need (MTCN #)..pick-up some money (if any)...

They put up pretty pictures, nice profiles, get your attention, gain your trust, then need your "help". but are currently taking care of some reasonably believable business in Nigeria, Ghana, West Africa, etc. or help to cash their checks and money orders, or want you to open a bank account for them... The people in the pictures are NOT the people you are talking to. He is supposed to be 6'2 and 105 pounds A bit skinney don't you agree dumb as says he is from Kansas but gives a Canadian yahoo address.Finally the seriousness turns out to talk of love and marriage. However, they don't posses the travel documents or plane ticket to come over here. They give me all the information needed to wire them money in an email. I have had practically nothing but that happen to me.At first, I felt sorry for the ladies begging me for help, even to the point of blogging a report to get some help to one of them, located at Supposed help aid notice for one of the "scammers"I even explained to her that I myself am very low income and can not help her financially. Box GP 2288Accra, Ghana Telephone: (233) 030-2741-150GHANA POLICE DO NOT USE ANY EMAIL ADDRESS ENDING IN CONSULTANT DOT COM. Box GP 2288Accra, Ghana Telephone: (233) 030-2741-150GHANA POLICE DO NOT USE ANY EMAIL ADDRESS ENDING IN CONSULTANT DOT COM.ALL PICTURES ARE STOLEN FROM INNOCENT THIRD PARTIES.In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana.Since there has been no real nationwide media coverage to speak of, word of mouth is the only way people will be made aware of these scams. I politely told him to go jump off a cliff..those exact words. Dearest, My name is Davidson Wani From Sierra Leone the only son of late Mr & mrs. My father was very wealthy farmers and cocoa merchant when he was alive.