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Yvonne Mokgoro: One woman’s constitutional right to rule Yvonne Mokgoro’s talk was about how the South African constitution continues to turn around centuries of tradition and injustice, and in the process, transforms the lives of the ordinary South Africans.
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'You're all worth at least five minutes.' Sitting around the coffee table a little later, snacking on cheese and bread and hummus, Nolan's guests are chatting, with Tween on hand to provide helpful advice.

Louisa Williams, an accountant, has taken the day off work to come along. I wish I'd known about NYR when I was 20, instead of discovering it in my forties.' And Nolan is already in the mood for hosting another party.

The difference in price is kept by the consultants as profit. 'And hosts get a free gift,' Tween says, handing Nolan a jar of Jasmine Body Cream, as she launches into an introduction to the NYR ethos: no parabens, all organic, approved by the Soil Association and not tested on animals, 'only on willing humans'.

Taylor has met and discussed the project with Bullock, but although the actress has expressed a desire to do it, she is not formally attached.

Hagan talks us through the display as we sip drinks.

There are pizza wheels (£11), a six-sided grater (£18), a rolling pin with centimetre marks so you can measure your pastry (£17) and old-fashioned mixing bowls (from £18) that raise a murmur of appreciation.

'The starter kit costs £95,' Tween says, 'but you don't have to host a party yourself, if you don't want to.

I love meeting people, and I feel passionate about the range, and with a party you can spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of everything; on a shop floor you might have only a couple of minutes.' NYR consultants buy the products for 75 per cent of the price they sell them for.