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The country maintains close ties with England and the Queen serves as the head of state in this dual constitutional and parliamentary monarchy.

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They are occasionally so well preserved that the original content is still present, providing information on foodstuffs and mercantile systems.Amphorae were too cheap and plentiful to return to their origin-point and so, when empty, they were broken up at their destination.In all, approximately 66 distinct types of amphora have been identified.Further, the term also stands for an ancient Roman unit of measurement for liquids.

Amphorae often were marked with a variety of stamps, graffiti, and inscriptions.

The base facilitated transport by ship, where the amphorae were packed upright or on their sides in as many as five staggered layers.

If upright, the bases probably were held by some sort of rack, and ropes passed through their handles to prevent shifting or toppling during rough seas.

The two spellings are transcriptions of amphiphorēwes (plural) and amphorēwe (dual) in Mycenaean Greek from which it may be seen that the short form prevailed on the mainland.

Homer uses the long form for metrical reasons, and Herodotus has the short form.