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The name reflects a Spanish term for addressing a person recognized as a main boss.

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This Harvest Moon-inspired farming/dating sim/action RPG hybrid became an instant pop culture phenomenon last year, and its success shows no signs of slowing down.

While console ports and additional language options have been created with the help of external publisher Chucklefish, Barone continues to add additional features and design tweaks all on his own.

No game quite matches the crunchy 8-bit look and the suffocating loneliness of the original Metroid quite like Axiom Verge, and all of it is the work of one Thomas Happ.

Happ was an engineer on games like NFL Street and Tiger Woods PGA Tour, developing Axiom Verge as a side project in 2010.

Meridian: New World features complex strategy, branching choices, and powerhouse graphics.Eventually, fans would take it upon themselves to translate it into English, and from there, the rest is history.Amaya later partnered up with publisher/developer Nicalis to create an enhanced edition for Wii Ware and PC (which cost actual money), and even took the helm on a project to rebuild the game in 3D with an actual development team.There are remote drones to help you explore inaccessible areas, a trenchcoat that lets you phase through walls, a grappling hook that helps you maneuver across large gaps, and many other cool twists to find during your surprisingly lengthy journey through a mysterious alien world.Nintendo may be resting on Metroid for now, but Axiom Verge is good enough to make you forget all about our interminable wait for another proper entry in the series.You know, like James Bond, but with carpal tunnel and ink poisoning.