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For a monthly or bi-monthly publication, one to three months ahead is sufficient.
These are the blokes who can saunter up to any gal or guy and have no trouble striking up a conversation.

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She initially considered Arsenio Hall for the character of Mike but says that Hall was uncomfortable about playing a gay-themed role.

Gender roles are further reinforced by the tasks the campers have to perform in "Step 2: Rediscovering Your Gender Identity." Nikki Sullivan in A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory says that this rediscovery is shown to be difficult and unsuccessful rather than the natural discovery of their latent heterosexuality.

She does not enjoy kissing Jared, however, and prefers looking at her fellow cheerleaders.

An unnamed actress wanted to play the part but eventually turned it down because of religious beliefs; she did not want her family to see her face on the poster.

From the beginning she intended the characters of Mike (played by Ru Paul), Dolph (Dante Basco) and Andre (Douglas Spain) to be African American, Asian and Hispanic, respectively.

Megan and Dolph infiltrate the True Directions graduation ceremony where Dolph easily coaxes Clayton away.

Megan entreats Graham to join them as well, but Graham nervously declines.