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Although not intended to be a weapon, many variants have been made (See Flare gun).

One example is the Kampfpistole, or Sturmpistole in its final form, which was designed to function as an anti-tank weapon.

The word "pistol" is often synonymous with the word "handgun".

Some handgun experts make a technical distinction that views pistols as a subset of handguns.

In the 19th century, percussion caps were developed, followed shortly by modern integrated-primer cartridges, and hammers therefore traded their flint for firing pins.

An example of a single-shot pistol is the flare gun.

In American usage, the term "pistol" refers to a handgun having one chamber integral with the barrel, making pistols distinct from the other main type of handgun, the revolver, which has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers.

But UK/Commonwealth usage often does not make this distinction.

It was manufactured approximately 1980 and is rated a ... They were hand cannons (although they were not necessarily fired from the hand, but rather at the end of a handle).By the 14th century, they existed in Europe as well. Click for more info Very rare Smith and Wesson model 41 EFS pistol in wood S&W box with two extra magazines. There is one original magazine in the pistol and two later ... Click for more info Smith & Wesson Model 41 Rimfire Pistol. Complete with two clips, still in the original box with paper ... It is in .22 LR with a 5.5" heavy barrel and a 7" barrel.