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They open up great new opportunities to share, communicate, and meet new people.However, social networking products and services have widely different levels of protections for consumers and it is important that you understand the safety and privacy protection of any service you choose to use.Though teens make up a huge percentage of social networkers, millions of adults and seniors are also active on social networking sites.Use caution when signing up on a social networking service Consider carefully the “questions” that sites themselves ask users to complete in the registration process.Some social networking sites exist for very specific purposes – like creating business contacts – but most of the popular sites offer a wide variety of functionality.

Spam and other malware on social networks Advertisers understand the value of blogs.Online, you have to find new ways to assess social contacts, and you have to be cautious about how much you expose about yourself.Overview of collaborative and social networking There are several types of sites where people collaborate or communicate socially.This online socializing, just like it’s offline counterpart, can present some danger.When you first meet somebody offline you have visual clues as to their age, gender, and general demeanor.Understand what is required information, and what is optional.