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I was in no hurry to settle down, but it is a luxury to get a preview of the kind of father your partner will be.

Three years ago, baby talk of any kind left me itching to start a conga, just to lighten the mood.

Or we’d be on our way to pick him up and she’d call to announce a change of plan.

Tom would be crushed with disappointment.’ James’ boy is six now, and I’ve known him for more than half his life.

You just clean up the popcorn and put the crayons away until next week.But I ended up feeling like a frustrated outsider.’ Charlotte and Evan split after five years.‘Selfish as it sounds, I just didn’t want to share him,’ she explains.With too much baggage to contemplate a serious relationship, he was just the thing, I thought, to kill time between now and my trip. And yet I knew I wasn’t the anomaly, given that the divorce rate among 25- to 29-year-olds is twice that of the average across all age groups, and concentrated mostly in the early years of marriage (between three and five years).In any case, I thought, what’s the big deal about dating a dad? With all the will in the world, you can’t give – or receive – the unconditional love that a parent can.James and I met on a snowboarding holiday in early 2011, and he was perfect for my non-committal tendencies.