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In terms of faith, I really don’t know what to believe and, quite honestly, I’m content with not tying myself down to anything in particular.For me, faith has always been synonymous with love.Why should my faith or lack of it have anything to do with how we love? Oftentimes, our pillow talk will turn into a debate about whether or not the devil is real. ” I’ll ask, half-serious.) On occasion I’ll interrupt a kiss to ask if he thinks I’m going to hell or not. Most of the time, we end up having some of the most fascinating conversations I’ve ever had with anyone about these topics.And even though it’s been difficult at times (my words can come off as condescending in tone), I like to say that it’s our difference in belief that makes us so incredible, that the contrast between what we know and what we’ve learned from being with each other is what makes our relationship so dynamic.Yes, a bat mitzvah (or "bar mitzvah" if you’re a guy) is the Jewish equivalent of a .I had a party with family and friends, wore an obnoxiously pink dress, and danced gracelessly to Fall Out Boy for the entirety of the night.

He openly told me about his faith in Christianity, as my knowledge of the topic was lacking.

I personally believe our core values are the same and we both are great people – I don’t believe going to church every Sunday makes one individual any better than the next.

I even go to church with him because I appreciate the rich culture and history of the experience, but that’s more how I see it.

Like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, my Jewishness comes not only from heritage but also from culture — an undeniable connection with other people who share the label.

No, I don’t attend temple and my best attempt at a consistent religious practice is a weekly routine of watching .