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Merchant also says "Younger people tend to be more adaptable than other sectors of society and, in general, quicker to adapt to new technology.
To viewers watching on their black-and-white sets, she and her great horse Earlsrath Rambler battling against Pat Smythe on Tosca were British showjumping.

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Technical specifications for DNSBLs came relatively late in RFC5782.

However this is typically inefficient for zones containing large numbers of addresses, particularly DNSBLs which list entire Classless Inter-Domain Routing netblocks.

The locations consist of IP addresses which are most often used to publish the addresses of computers or networks linked to spamming; most mail server software can be configured to reject or flag messages which have been sent from a site listed on one or more such lists.

The term "Blackhole List" is sometimes interchanged with the term "blacklist" and "blocklist".

A DNSBL is a software mechanism, rather than a specific list or policy.

There are dozens of DNSBLs in existence, which use a wide array of criteria for listing and delisting of addresses.