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On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Captain Donald Cragen (Dann Florek) retires from the NYPD, leaving Detective/Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) as the only remaining character who has appeared on the series for its entire fifteen-season run.

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Date was lurking in my plan to watch list for some time now and i am really glad i decided to start it after some fellow drama addicts’ tempting voices made the urge to watch it even greater.

I’ve been dwelling inside the world of South Korean dramas for way too long while neglecting my Japanese thirst and after the emotionally fortified and captivating Ghost Writer a romantic comedy felt more than essential. At first glance, yes, it is, but the more you wander inside its universe the more you notice the different air it breathes and the depth it possesses amidst enormous waves of laughter!

The second one is withdrawal from society and a hikikomori’s way of life.

They are not so different aspects, they are just the two sides of the same coin with the difference that Yoriko is productive for society and Takumi isn’t. It’s a very important question the drama tries to approach through its quirky, beautifully crafted and among plot twists storyline as it was presented by screenwriter Ryota Kosawa .

Nobody wants to become a NEET, a hikikomori or an emotionless careerist, there are always reasons. Love isn’t something you can necessarily explain or portray, it’s something you feel at first and then try to depict by approaching the contours of your feelings.So the answer is still yes, it is a romantic comedy, but not your ordinary one and this is another reason to embrace it even more since it’s bound to reward your senses in multifaceted ways!Date unveils the story of a 29-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man, Yoriko Yabushita (Anne Watanabe) and Takumi Taniguchi (Hiroki Hasegawa) respectively, but as you might have already guessed they are not your ordinary couple around.A special figure has to be Yoriko’s mother, Sayoko Yabushita (Emi Wakui) who appears only in front of her as the voice of her restrained subconscious world trying to nurture the seeds of emotion inside her strictly rational point of view.As for the child actress and actor playing Yoriko and Takumi’s childhood figures, both of them were exceptional, specially the girl, she was simply unerring as Yoriko’s younger self!Yoriko is devoid of feelings and she’s not searching for love, marriage is a necessary societal evil to keep the system’s cogwheels rotating and the world moving.