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Dating unemployed men

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“If you can’t take a girl out for dinner or cocktails, or even Olive Garden, you shouldn’t be dating.” For women though, being unemployed can sometimes be an advantage.“If you’re downtrodden, the man wants to rescue you.Men should avoid the topic or wait until they’re employed to start dating.“If you’re a man and you said [you were unemployed] to a woman, we’d run to the nearest exit,” she told CNN.Perhaps traditional gender roles are not quite as dead as many people believe that they are.

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Unfortunately for American men, the decline of the U. economy in recent years has had a disproportionate impact on them. If you are a single man and you are unemployed, that automatically means that most single women will not be interested in you at all."If you look at the broader trajectory, since the 1970s we've seen a marked reduction in the marriage rate, both in postponing marriage and getting married," said Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project, a non-partisan research institute at The University of Virginia that monitors the health of marriage in America. "People tend to postpone or forego marriage when the economic conditions are not good," he said. A study in the says – not surprisingly – that marriage is sensitive to economic indicators, especially men's earnings, unemployment, and education. Smock, Wendy Manning, and Meredith Porter, co-habitating men and women want both to be employed to consider marriage, but it is more important for the male to show he can be a consistent “breadwinner." Here’s a rundown on how unemployment is affecting decisions of the heart: No Job? A recent study by Forbes Woman and Your Tango found that 75% of women polled would not marry a man who was unemployed.But regardless of this barrier to marriage, singles are dating more than ever during the recession.If you are a man living in America today, to a large degree your value to society is determined by how much money you make.