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Not to mention biology, genetics, family environment, and other mental illnesses.

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Regardless of apparent need, the disabled population in this region is one of the most neglected in the world.Yet the Deaf* community in Uruguay, totaling less than 1 percent of the country's inhabitants, has successfully organized to push for deaf-focused laws as well as government programs and policies.Instead it targets partnerships with entities of the Uruguayan government, an approach perhaps facilitated by the fluidity and social structure of the Uruguayan political system. Advocacy with these state partners—for equal access to information, the means of communication and public services—is the sine qua non of the Deaf community's noteworthy accomplishments.

[The IAF has funded efforts to codify the sign language used in Nicaragua and Ecuador.—ED] Other hearing allies, interpreters and community activists at the Encuentro also spoke of future collaboration. Paper presented at the VI Encuentro Latinoamericano de Sordos. Miraculously, the Jewish people have survived exile over thousands of years, leaving their imprint across the globe.Today the Jewish people have returned to their ancestral homeland where just over half of world Jewry resides.In this connection, my understanding of the Uruguayan Deaf community will be a valuable resource. Humphries, "Deaf" refers to a group of deaf people who comprise a community sharing a common sign language and culture; "deaf" refers to the medical condition of deafness or hearing loss. I am deeply grateful to this community for its acceptance and collaboration and to the IAF for its support. Key findings from my research indicate that Deaf Uruguayans prefer to work together toward their objectives rather than follow a single leader.