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Dating violence info

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Your friend may not want to confide in you, feeling you may not understand her situation.

She may even be ashamed of what's happening and that may make her seem aloof. Tell her you're concerned about women who are abused and that you do not blame women for the violence.

If the first person she contacts is not helpful, encourage her to speak to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. Your friend may decide to remain in the violent relationship or return to the abuser after a temporary separation.

Don't pressure her to leave but let her know that you are afraid for her and her children and help her consider how dangerous the violence may be.

Let her know she is not alone and that people are available to help her.

Assure her that they will keep information about her confidential.

It is important for women to know that help is available from people who know and care about the situation.

Tell your friend that you care and are willing to listen.

She may not know about resources or social and justice systems may have been unhelpful to her in the past.

For many women, friends and family are often the first people they talk to about domestic violence.

It takes a lot of time, planning, help and courage to escape domestic violence.

Your friend is probably doing her best to protect her children from violence.

She may feel that the abuse is directed only at her and doesn't yet realize its effects on the children.